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You earn air miles based on the flight ticket price (so generally the further you fly, the higher the ticket price and the more miles you are rewarded with) and the amount you spend on non-flight products and services with your Credit Card. When you have enough points for a free flight you will still need to pay taxes and charges however and you may need to be flexible with travel dates because free flights are generally limited to certain dates for flights in and flights out of a country.

Book direct to claim airline rewards

Once you qualify for a free flight you will need to buy flight tickets direct from the airline not through Expedia, Booking.com, etc. as your rewards will not be valid.

Bonus Miles

It is worth shopping around when deciding which credit card to use for gaining frequently flyer miles. Some, not all, credit cards offer Bonus Miles. Bonus airmiles and offers are a good way to get free flights sooner and for longer flights. In particualr, you should look out for sign-up bonuses.

Avios points

Avios points can be collected from flights, car rentals and shopping at certain shops when using your credit card.

How many air miles do I need for a flight?

Expect to need 10,000 to 50,000 air miles to be rewarded with a free flight depending on whether you fly in Economy or First class. A one-way free flight from the USA to Europe or Asia will cost about 30,000 miles and if you want to fly business or first class expect to need 60,000 to 70,000 air miles.

Which Airline(s) do you want to fly with and where to?

Before getting an Airline Credit Card decide which airline flights you are looking to travel with and what free flights you want to get. There is no point in collecting points with a Airline Credit Card if another Airline Credit Card is more suitable. Some credit cards rewards are limited to one single Airline whereas other airline credit cards rewards include multiple airlines (multiple flight options).

Annual Fees on the Credit Card

Some airline credit cards charge an annual fee which is often around £150.

Minimum spending requirements and big spenders

Some credit cards offer great flight rewards but you will need to spend alot of money on purchases each year (some require £10,000 spending before you get the best airline rewards).

Do airline miles expire?

Generally airline miles points earned do not expire. However it is worth considering that if you rely on credit card purchases to earn frequent flyer miles, most people will accrue air miles points faster than relying solely on flight ticket purchases.

Car I share air miles?

You can share airmiles with friends and family however retrictions apply and some credit cards require you to live in the same house. Before signing up to use an airmile credit card you should either be satisified that you will solely benefit from the airline points accrued or seek advice as to who you can share airmiles with and how to do it.

Donate Airmiles

Many Airline Credit Cards allow you to donate airmiles to charities.