Using credit cards abroad

Credit cards are good to use abroad because you often do not pay fees (check your credit card provider for their fees) and you get the latest exchange rates. You may like to download our exchange rates app before you travel to calculate prices when abroad before paying with your credit card.

Whether you travel occasionally or frequently, credit cards are ideal to use to buy products and services in preparation for your holiday (flights, hotels, car rental, entertainment purchases and more) and also whilst abroad (restaurants, gas stations and more). Credit card companies offer perks, points, air miles other rewards when you buy travel services around the world on your holiday or business trip. Companies offering travel credit cards include American Express, Capital One, Bank of America and Barclays and many more.

Whether you are travelling for business or leisure purposes you can save money, earn points, gain air miles, get access to luxury perks (such as airport lounge access) and more. Some cards also offer points on thousands of hotels worldwide whereby the more you spend the more you get access to future discounts on flights, hotels, car rental and petrol stations and some credit cards offer points on entertainment purchases too.

Points earned for every unit of currency spent on a credit card are also available. If you use a Business Credit Card you can also earn cash back (typically 2%-5%).

Using credit cards on holiday

Buying travel money at home before you travel and whilst on holiday with a credit card is possible. The benefit of using your credit card on holiday is you will always exchange currency at the latest, current exchange rate and the exchange rates are often very good compared with buying foreign currency at the airport, for example. If you choose a credit card for travel carefully you can also avoid foreign transaction fees.

Airline credit cards

Airline credit cards are available for worldwide travellers. These airline credit cards provide air miles, points and rewards on purchases made during your holiday.

Annual fee

Some credit cards charge an annual fee. You will need to compare the benefits of using the card and the amount of travel expenses you will be spending against the cost of the credit card annually to get ensure you get a good deal on your chosen credit card.

Cash back

Enjoy cash back on credit cards on particular purchase which vary between credit cards.