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Middle East Exchange Rates (LRD)

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FlagCurrency ConvertedExchange RateDay ChangeRates
Armenia currencyArmenian Dram
Bahrain currencyBahraini Dinar0.0030090BHD
Egypt currencyEgyptian Pound0.1418780EGP
Hong Kong currencyHong Kong Dollar0.0623930HKD
Iran currencyIranian Rial284.381890.0566IRR
Iraq currencyIraqi Dinar9.45836-0.0008IQD
Israel currencyIsraeli New Sheqel0.0281380ILS
Jordan currencyJordanian Dinar0.0056520JOD
Kuwait currencyKuwaiti Dinar0.0024130KWD
Lebanon currencyLebanese Pound12.0705910.0549LBP
Mongolia currencyMongolian Tugrik19.380054-0.0335MNT
Oman currencyOmani Rial0.0030710OMR
Qatar currencyQatari Rial0.0290760QAR
Saudi Arabia currencySaudi Riyal0.029960SAR
United Arab Emirates currencyUnited Arab Emirates Dirham0.0293320AED
Yemen currencyYemeni Rial1.996721-0.0002YER

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