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LSL to BZD Graph

View the Lesotho Loti to Belize Dollar graph and historical exchange rates.

Lesotho Loti to Belize Dollar

Save money. Make Lesotho to Belize money transfers (no fees, competitive rates).

Invert exchange rate to get Belize Dollar to Lesotho Loti exchange rate.

Go to Lesotho Loti currency page.

Popular LSL exchange rates

LSL to GBP = 0.053956

LSL to EUR = 0.060328

LSL to USD = 0.068611

LSL to AUD = 0.094478

LSL to CAD = 0.090307

LSL to HKD = 0.538584

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LSL to BZD Travel Money

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Lesotho Currency Exchange Rates

Lesotho Currency Exchange Rates