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Both Currencies Direct and moneycorp are popular choices for making international money transfers but which is best? We explain what the benefits are of both money transfer providers and explain which is the best option for sending money abroad.

Currencies Direct Money Transfer Benefits

With Currencies Direct you can send money to over 40 currencies globally. This worldwide coverage of the major currencies (EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, AUD, NZD and more) makes them a very popular money transfer choice and there are also zero fees on the currency transfers made. Currencies Direct exchange rates improve the higher the currency transaction value and is a popular choice for customers sending small, medium and high value currency conversions too. Business customers are also catered for and both Personal and Business users can set rate alerts to be alerted when a target exchange rate is reached.

Currencies Direct has retail outlets around the world and has 16 in Spain alone (view the list of Spain locations here). Click here to sign up with Currencies Direct money transfers today. Therefore, depending on where you are transferring to and from you may benefit from visiting them to make the currency exchange.

moneycorp Money Transfer Benefits

moneycorp has Bank status whereby your money is kept segregated from moneycorp ensuring that your money is safe during the conversion process. The exchange rate will be better than using your bank or local Bureau de Change. Compared with Currencies Direct who offer 40+ currencies, moneycorp transact in over 120 currencies which means for a lot of currencies you will have no choice but to use moneycorp. Click here to sign up with moneycorp today.

moneycorp allows small money transfers to customers worldwide and UK residents can get travel money cards too. This compares with Currencies Direct where minimum transactions start at £1,000. For large money transfers moneycorp offer excellent exchange rates. moneycorp does not have retail outlets you can visit compared with Currencies Direct who do as explained above.

Is the best money transfer Currencies Direct or moneycorp?

Currencies Direct offer excellent coverage in Europe with many offices in Spain, a London office and other offices worldwide. Due to their focus on major currencies (GBP, EUR, CAD, USD, AUD, NZD and more) they are a very good option for sending money.

However, for small value money transactions moneycorp is the only option and if you are transferring to or from a currency that Currencies Direct does not cater for, you will need to use moneycorp due to their comprehensive country coverage. For large transactions moneycorp and Currencies Direct will probably offer similiar international money transfer exchange rate quotes. Click here to sign up with moneycorp money transfers today or get a quote from Currencies Direct.

Business customers: Currencies Direct or moneycorp?

Business currency accounts are managed separately by both Currencies Direct and moneycorp. You may like to open online accounts with both companies to discover the best for your business.