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Spot contract: Simply get a quote and trade at the provided quoted exchange rate.

Limit order: If you do not need to move money instantly, you can set a desired exchange rate that you are comfortable exchanging money at. Once this target exchange rate is reached Currencies Direct will make the transfer of money immediately.

Forward contract: Fix the exchange rate for a payment in the future. Simply lock-in todays exchange rate for buying a product or service at a date no more than 1 year in the future. You will just to need to make a partial payment today and the remainder of the transaction will not need to be paid for until the date agreed. Forward contracts protect you from market exchange rate fluctuations.

You can trade online using a computer, tablet or smartphone (mobile website or downloadable app). Currencies Direct are also available via telephone.

Personal Money Transfers

90% of Currencies Direct money transfers are fee free. You can transfer upto £25,000 online 24/7 via a desktop computer, smartphone or through the app. For higher amounts you will be contacted by Currencies Direct after you sign up online.

Currencies Direct also has a referral reward that they offer if you get a friend or family member to use their currency exchange service.

Currencies Direct Business Money Transfers

Expand the global reach of your business with international money transfers from Currencies Direct. You can receive and manage multiple currencies with one simple online account. Plus you can make outgoing payments in over 40 currencies. You also have access to spot contracts, forward contracts and limit orders which are explained above (these risk management tools are often used in business to mitigate cash flow fluctuations due to exchange rate movements).

You can also talk on the phone with Currencies Direct traders to get an insight into currency fluctuations to help with the timing of your currency exchange transactions.

FCA Regulated

Currencies Direct is FCA regulated in the UK and their credit rating is the highest achieveable.