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FairFX Money Transfers

FairFX introduction

FairFX offer international money transfers or Travel Money to customers in the UK. Payments to FairFX to be converted can be made via Debit Card or Credit Card or by internet bank transfer and you have a choice between using:

Prepaid Currency Cards

You have a choice of Euro Card or Everywhere Card:

The Euro Card is topped up by converting your pounds sterling to Euros and then you can withdraw cash in the Eurozone using your Euro Card. Alternatively you can make payments directly using this FairFX Mastercard

Using the Everywhere Card this allows you to use the provided FairFX Mastercard in the Euro zone and also use the FairFX Mastercard anywhere in the 210 countries and territories worldwide that accept Mastercard. You can also share money between FairFX cards which means you can easily transfer money between friends and family members using the FairFX app. Furthermore you can use the FairFX card in the UK fee free. Offers and Promotions are also exclusively available from FairFX selected partners.

The FairFX Mastercard (Euro Card or Everywhere Card) typicalling takes three to five working days to arrive at your address after processing.

Cash Orders

Cash orders are currently suspended due to the Coronavirus.