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Main features: Multicurrency account, Currency Account Specialist

Feature: Description Score out of 10
Payment OptionsDebit Card, Credit Card8/10
Office LocationsUK, Ireland, France, Spain, Romania, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil10/10
Number of Currencies15010/10
Min. and Max. Amount100 with no maximum limit10/10
Time for Transfer1-3 Days9/10
Free Rate AlertsYes9/10
Expert AdviceYes, Currency Specialists10/10
Financially RegulatedYes10/10
Travel Money AvailableUK customers only7/10
Total Score:exchange-rates.com score for moneycorp93/100

moneycorp Money Transfers

Sending over £100,000 with moneycorp

Note: If you are sending frequent amounts of money which quickly add up to over £100,000 you may be able to qualify for competitive exchange rates similar to if you are making a one-off money transfer involving a large amount of currency.

moneycorp is exchange-rates.com's top choice for sending over £100,000 or equivalent amount in another currency. When sending large amounts of money you will want to be confident your money is safe. moneycorp has bank status meaning they are classed as a bank and your money is kept separate from moneycorp whilst your money is being transferred. They are regulated by the UK financial conduct authority and have many ‘excellent’ 5 star ratings on review websites.

Exchange Rates and Fees

Exchange rates improve as the amount you are converting increases. With moneycorp fees are zero too. Competitive rates will be available no matter how much you are transferring. As moneycorp is a long-established currency exchange exchanging lots of currency each year this allows moneycorp to offer better exchange rates than many other currency exchange providers. For example many high-street banks charge around £10 or more for each currency exchange compared with moneycorp that do not charge fees.

Timing of the Money Transfer

With large money transfers you need to remember that small exchange rate movements result in large differences in the amount of currency you will receive in exchange when converting. For this reason timing can be very important. To help with get the timing right, moneycorp have currency specialists which are training with a knowledge of currency exchange rate movements which you can benefit from. Compared with other brokers moneycorp’s currency specialist advisors are useful when making large currency transfers because other companies do not offer any advice such as TransferWise whom only have an online platform to make money transfers with any guidance or advice.

Comparing Exchange Rates

You may want to compare exchange rates when transferring over £100,000. To get a good comparison is best to gather and compare exchange rates in a small time-frame because exchange rates are changing from second-to-second and minute-to-minute.

Where can I send money from and to with moneycorp?

moneycorp supports over 150 currencies. This is more than most currency exchange providers and is one of the reasons exchange-rates.com rates moneycorp number 1 for money transfers. moneycorp’s competitors focus on popular exchange rates and do not cater for a worldwide money transfer demands. Transfers to most countries takes 1-2 business days. Moneycorp also has offices in the below countries:

Can I get more competitive exchange rates for frequent conversions similar to one-off large currency transfer?

Yes, for example, if you are converting a salary or pension each month you may qualify for better exchange rates because moneycorp will take into consideration the value over time and not just the single month.

Can I start by sending money in small amounts before sending large amounts of currency worldwide?

Yes. You can send as little currency as you want. In fact, when opening a moneycorp account it is FREE and there is no obligation to use moneycorp’s currency exchange services. As you needs and requirements change you can then begin to manage large currency transactions with moneycorp. You will also be assigned a currency specialist who can also advise you regarding currency exchange rate movements.

Does moneycorp offer business customers International MoneyTransfers?

If you own or manage a business and need to use international currency exchange services moneycorp caters for sole traders as well as large corporate companies. There is no limit to the amount of currency you can exchange.

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More about moneycorp

moneycorp offers the widest coverage for world currencies and offices globally. Travel money is also available for UK customers only.

moneycorp provides personal money transfers, business money transfers and travel money. Most trustworthy with credit rating. £33.2 billion was traded in 100+ currencies in 2017. Move money with more confidence with access to currency specialists at moneycorp that will explain market movements regarding your selected exchange rate(s). moneycorp has 870 dedicated employees serving customers worldwide. There were over one million payments made to 192 countries in 2017 which continues to grow.

A dedicated account manager will offer on-going support for your currency requirements. They can also offer solutions to currency volatility and risks associated with foreign exchange whether you are a personal money transfer customer or you have a business with currency transactions to make.

Personal Money Transfers from moneycorp

You can transfer from £100 with moneycorp. moneycorp exchange rates are most competitive when transferring an amount of currency over the value of £2000 (in any currency equivalent). Before you transfer you may also like to benefit from speaking with a dedicated account manager that can advise you as to the possible direction of exchange rates to maximise the amount of foreign currency you receive when making an international money transfer.

With 24/7 access online you can trade currency at any time. Furthermore you can buy or sell any of 120+ currencies worlwide. Use a debit card to add funds to you account or use funds already within your International Payments Account. Alternatively add money to a moneycorp using a bank transfer usually in your account within 2 hours (this can take longer depending on where money is being transferred from and the source of the money being added). Store payments and recipient details for making repeat payments simpler in the future. Plus view full transaction history in your moneycorp account online.

Business Money Transfers from moneycorp

moneycorp already has over 10,000 businesses using their currency exchange services. You will get a dedicated business account with currency specialists whom can advise you on the likely direction of exchange rates. The moneycorp business account is suitable for small, medium and large businesses and also business start-ups. Whether transferring a small amount frequently or trading in larger amounts moneycorp can help your business. moneycorp has Bank status and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom and your funds transferred for exchanging are safeguarded in segregated client bank accounts and not combined with moneycorps own funds meaning your funds are safe whilst they are being converted using moneycorp Currency Exchange. Additional products include Options and Forward Contracts to help with business cash flow to minimise risks associated with exchange rate exposure.

Bank Status and FCA Regulation with Worldwide Offices

Not only does moneycorp have Bank status and FCA regulation but moneycorp also has offices worldwide:

moneycorp Office Locations: UK - Ireland - France - Spain - Romania - UAE - Hong Kong - Australia - USA - Brazil

moneycorp Travel Money

moneycorp travel money is available for UK customers travelling abroad.

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