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FREE Exchange Rate Alerts allow you to get alerts via SMS Text Message and/or email when a target rate is reached. This means you do not need to sit in front of a computer, checking on the latest rates. Simply enter your preferred (target) exchange rate and when the target is met you will be notified by text message to your smartphone or email to your email account. You can then decide whether to exchange currency at this rate or wait for a better rate.

Exchange Rates Alerts are available from moneycorp and Currencies Direct and they are FREE. Simply sign up for a currency account (which is FREE) and you will then have free access to Exchange Rate Alerts.

Sign up for a FREE account for FREE rate alerts for Travel Money or Money Transfers

Whether you need Travel Money or you are making an International Money Transfer you can benefit from rate alerts. You can sign-up for an account in minutes and get started for FREE.

Best Exchange Rates

The best exchange rates are achieved if you have time before you need to exchange money to a foreign currency. Currency exchange rates are always fluctuating and by following the changing rates you can get better exchange rates usually within hours or days, if not minutes. The reason exchange rates are always go up and down is because they are determined by demand for currencies, political events, interest rates changes and more. Even when dealing in small amounts of foreign currency such as travel money for a holiday you want to get as much foreign currency as you can to maximise the amount of foreign currency you can spend when on your vacation. Some people buy currency months in advance of their holiday and by planning in this way you can have more foreign currency compared with if you simply buy foreign currency hours or days before travelling. If you are transferring a large amount of money to a foreign currency a small change in the exchange rate can alter the amount of foreign currency you get by a large amount. For these reasons rate alerts can help in achieving the most foreign currency when exchange money.

Large Money Transfers

We compare money transfer companies and the best company depends on many factors. For example if you are transferring from UK to Europe you may like to consider a company with a large prescence in the UK and Europe such as Currencies Direct whereas if you are transferring to or from Asia OFX is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange with a large presence in Asia. Considering other factors other than simply the exchange rate is important and you can read our reviews to find the best money transfer company for your foreign currency requirements. Once you have found the best company for your needs set rate alerts to be notified.

Currency Advice from Currency Specialists

When trasnacting in a large amount of monty, in addition to rate alerts, you will benefit from speaking with a Currency Specilist which is available at moneycorp and Currencies Direct. These currency specialists will have knowledge of the changing currency exchange rates in the short-term as well as medium and long terms trends to help advise you regarding the best time to make your currency transactions. They can also help you set up exchange rate alerts if you are unsure how to do it. Sign up with moneycorp or today for FREE.