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Rent a car for your next holiday to get to the hotel, visit beaches, go to tourist attractions and more. Pick-up from the airport is most popular tourist car hire option with car drop-off at the same airport location when returning home from holiday. Renting a car on holiday is the best way to independently see the local and surrounding area of a country. As a tourist you may be unfamiliar with the driving conditions and rules of road so you should research driving rules and regulations and get familiar with road signs before you travel. For example: India car hire, Austrlian car hire, Paris car hire and London Car Hire will require different driving conditions and the cultural differences may change your confidence in driving on holiday in a hire car. However, do your research, be prepared and you should enjoy your driving whilst on holiday.

Sat Nav for Finding Holiday Destinations and Tourist Attractions

Many hire cars have satellite navigation built-in so you may want to ensure you order and pick a hire car that has a built-in sat nav which you can using to navigate the foreign roads whilst abroad on holiday. Alternatively, find your hotel or other holiday accomation easily using a sat nav or your phones sat nav app. If you are taking a sat nav from your home country ensure you have the latest map installed for your holiday location. However, if you are using an App, such as Google Maps, worldwide maps are already installed.

Rent a car from home for a holiday

Another option is the rent a car from your local car rental location to travel to your holiday destination. For example if you are driving long distance you may want a more reliable and/or more luxurious car to drive. Or maybe you have decided to drive one-way and catch a flight back home.

Economy Car Hire for your next holiday

If you are planning a cheap holiday and you do not need a car with all the latest technology rent an ecoonomy car.

Luxury Car Hire on Holiday

If you are planning a luxury holiday, you will likely want to travel in style when you arrive. Luxury car rental options are available from most car rental company for most holiday destinations.

Parking a hire car

Parking a car rented abroad may be difficult. For example, your hotel may not have a car park big enough for all guests. Some hotels recommend local car parks where cars are parked at your own risk and these car parks will likely charge a fee for daytime parking and there may also be an overnight fee to pay to park your hire car too. The other problem with parking a hire car is potential damage resulting from other cars opening doors against your hired car and causing dents or scratches. Any damage to a hire car is chargeable by the hire car company. You should be made aware of this when you sign for the car and get handed the keys. Fees can be very high so consideration when driving, parking and looking after a hire car abroad is worth the time and effort to avoid paying a fine/fee for hire car damage.

Fees and charges for damage to a hire car

Fees for damage will vary. You can pay for extra insurance cover to limit the amount you will have to pay in the event that the car is damaged. Another issue is fuel in the car as, if you return a hire car empty of fuel, the hire car company may charge a very high rate for refuelling the car.