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Travelex are providers of travel money worldwide with currency exchange locations around the globe. You will find Travelex online too whereby you can buy currency online using the Travelex website.

Travelex Money Card Prepaid Currency Card: Top Up Travel Money Card

If you don't fancy carrying lots of cash on your next holiday then the Travelex Money Card is a Mastercard provided by Travelex for topping up Holiday Money to. Plus you get a multicurrency account so you do not need to worry about opening separate bank accounts for visiting different countries.

With the Travelex Money Card you can lock in exchange rates and you can use the Travelex Travel Money Card in millions of locations worldwide wherever they accept Mastercard. Furthermore Travelex does not charge ATM fees with withdrawals from cash machines at home or abroad.

Top up your Travelex Money Card from the UK

If you are a UK resident, you can top-up the Travel Money Card with (you can pay using Contactless with this Travelex Money Card):

Top up your Travelex Money Card from the US

If you are a US citizen, you can top-up the Travel Money Card with (you can pay using Contactless with this Travelex Money Card):

US Pick-Up or Home Delivery of Currency with Travelex

Collect your ordered money from one of 175+ Travelex stores across the US or, alternatively, get it delivered direct to your door with a secure postage service. (Next-day UPS shipping is free on orders over $1,000). It is also possible to collect money or a Travelex Money Card to top-up at your leisure in just 4 hours; Collect Euros, US dollars and our Travelex Money Cards from any of our stores (just leave up to 4 hours after ordering)

Pay for Travelex Foreign Currency Online with your debit or credit card

You can use either a debit card or credit card to buy currency with Travelex

If you Travelex card is lost or stolen or damaged you can replace it or provide you with emergency cash 24/7.

Travel Money Card offers Platinum Features

Boingo Wifi Hotspots offers Internet access at many locations worldwide which is FREE when using the Travelex Money Card. You will be able to send photos to friends and family, get access to online banking, access the Travelex website and more on the Internet.

Travelex Money App

Order currency with Travelex anywhere at anytime with your smartphone or tablet and use either Android or iPhone versions of the app. Plus repeat orders are possible simply because the Travelex App remebers your details. You can even move money between currencies.

Cash Passport: Multicurrency Account

Reload your Multi-currency Cash Passport. Plus you can keep track of your balance even while you travel. No registration is required; you simply need your Cash Passport number.

Travelex Money Transfers

International Money Transfers are also available from Travelex. However if you are making a large money transfer such as emigrating or buying a property abroad you may like to get a quote from moneycorp as the exchange rate may be more competitive. Alternatively compare money transfers here a www.exchange-rates.com.

Travel Rate Tracker

Simply enter your contact information at the Travelex website and choose the exchange rate you want to track and then enter a target change in the exchange rate and you will be notified when the exchange rate is met. Plan ahead and track rates to get the best exchange rate when exchanging money.

Find a Travelex Store

Find a Travelex Store near you or near to your holiday destination using the Store Locator on the Travelex website.

Alternatives to Travelex

Travelex is a worldwide travel money company where you can buy and sell currency as a resident of many countries around the world. If you are a UK resident looking for travel money you could alternatively use moneycorp, Transferwise or FairFX for buying holiday money. If you are looking for international money transfers instead, whichever country you live in moneycorp, Currencies Direct, OFX, Transferwise and more can help. You may like to compare money transfers before deciding which company to use. For example, Transferwise offers exchange rates at the mid-market exchange rate meaning their rates are more competitive than Travelex (although they do charge a small fee which makes large money transfers more expensive so you may like to consider Transferwise for small currency conversions such as Travel Money).

Travelex Country Locations Worldwide

Travelex has websites that covers the below locations and residents in these countries. Please be aware that the Travelex Money Card is not available in all countries (only UK and US as desribed above).