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There are various ways you can buy foreign currency. You can buy currency using a Foreign Exchange Company, pay using PayPal for the currency conversion, buy travellers cheques or use a currency top-up card. You can also buy travel money online at competitive exchange rates and have it delivered to your address or manage it online. There are also various places you can go to buy foreign currency such as your local bank, bureau de change or even at the airport before departure. Get a FREE quote with no obligation to buy or sell.

Methods of buying foreign currency

Cash via the post to your address the next day

Convert money from your bank account using a bank transfer or debit card payment and receive your foreign currency in the post to your address the next day before 1pm. This service is available through TorFX (zero postage cost when converting over £700).

Using your credit card abroad to make foreign currency payments

Credit cards are good to use abroad because you often do not pay fees (check your credit card provider for their fees) and you get the latest exchange rates. You may like to download our exchange rates app before you travel to calculate prices when abroad before paying with your credit card.

Paying with PayPal

If you buy something from abroad on eBay or another shop that accepts PayPal simply add money to your PayPal account and when making the currency payment choose the foreign currency to pay the recipient in. You will then see displayed the cost in your home currency before making the payment. You can also use a credit card to fund the payment. PayPal exchange rates are calculated on the payment screen and you can see the currency conversion before clicking to complete your order online.

Overseas prepaid foreign currency card

Simply add foreign currency to your card before you travel and then pay using the prepaid top-up card. This is very similiar to using a debit card. A Mastercard Pre-paid, Top-Up debit card is available from TorFX.

Travellers Cheques

With a travellers cheque you are required to sign each cheque. This make it the most secure way to buy and travel with foreign currency. If you lose your travellers cheque or it is stolen you can get replacement travellers cheques. The problem with travellers cheques is handling fees, commission charges, cashing in fees, etc. making it in many cases the most expensive option.

Airport foreign currency

Money transfers are available at all international airports. Bureaux de Change at airports are the most expensive ways to transfer money.

Forex Brokers

We have partnered with TorFX currency broker to offer you money transfers at competitive exchange rates. Buy currency for a holiday and have it delivered to your address. Alternatively store the money in a foreign currency account and pay abroad using your debit card.

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