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eBay marketplace is an established marketplace where millions of customers are looking to buy products. eBay is a popular platform for people and businesses to sell their goods. We explain how to sell on eBay, how you get paid and the advantages and disadvantages of selling on eBay.

eBay Payments for your products by your customers

You can get paid for goods using the following methods:

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Currency Exchange for eBay Sellers and eBay Exchange Rates

When using eBay you will likely be using PayPal or may be your bank to exchange currency from international sales. There are alternatives to PayPal exchange rates. If you use an online money transfer provider they will provide better rates not only on one-off currency transfers but also offer preferential exchange rates for making multiple money transfers over time such as many businesses that will be converting frequently. A money transfer company such as moneycorp will also assist you over the telephone guiding you as to the best time to transfer money and the likely direction of the exchange rate(s). Additional examples are Currencies Direct whom have 16 offices in Spain as well as offices in other countries too. Another example is FairFX that allows you to transact money transfers to and from all US States which not all money transfer companies can do - they also can transact to many countries from the UK.

Alternatives to selling on Amazon

Although eBay is a good selling platform there are alternatives. Amazon or selling from your own website are good alternatives. Read more about Amazon or Setting Up Your Own Website