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Get the best exchange rates for your personal international money transfers with moneycorp. Not only does moneycorp provide competitive exchange rates, they also provide currency updates so you can read the latest news about your chosen currency exchange rates(s). You can trade between over 120 currencies.

moneycorp Personal Money Transfers

- highly competitive exchange rates
- 24/7 secure online platform
- zero or low transfer fees
- the more you transfer, the more you save

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Save money on your Personal Money Transfers

You may be buying or selling a property abroad, emigrating, sending money to friends and family, paying for products in a foreign currency or you may be an expatriate. Personal money transfers available at moneycorp can save you money. The greater the amount of currency you are transferring, the more money you can save on your international money transfer.

One-off payments

If you need to send money abroad as a one-off payment for any reason moneycorp can provide a competitive exchange rate for your currency transaction. The greater the amount of currency you are transferring the more money you can save compared with using a bank or bureau de change.

Currency market news updates

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Rate alerts

Sign up to receive an alert when your target exchange rate is reached. This eliminates the need to keep checking your exchange rate.

Multiple currencies and multiple payments

With moneycorp you can trade multiple currencies. Wherever you are buying goods and services from a moneycorp account will assist you in paying promptly and easily using the online platform, over the phone or using the moneycorp app.

When buying and selling currencies you can also make multiple payments. Whether the payments are monthly or other regular payments or you are making irregular, multiple payments a moneycorp account is the ideal solution to make payments in a foreign currency.

How long does it take to transfer money?

The time it takes to transfer money depends on the criteria of the personal money transfer. Factors affecting timing include the currencies you are sending from and to, the countries (destination) or the currency and the amount you pay for the transaction (you can often pay more to speed up the personal money transfer time)

The cost(s) of sending money overseas

When sending money overseas many companies will charge fees, handling fees, or a minimum charge. For example, a bank will charge £10-£30 to send money overseas for you. This is compared with a money transfer company, such as moneycorp, who will not charge you any fees.

The exchange rates at www.exchange-rates.com are provided at mid-market rates. There is an exchange rate spread which is how currency exchange companies make a profit on currency transactions. For this reason the buy and sell rate at the currency company will be different (the buy and sell rates will be either side of the mid-market rate).

How to make foreign purchases

1. Open an account with a foreign exchange broker

2. Enter the recipients bank account information

3. Send money to the foreign exchange broker funded by your bank account, debit card or credit card

4. Transfer completes. Timing depends on numerous factors.

What Bank Code(s) do I need to make a currency transaction?

Many countries use the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) to process currency transactions. You can get the IBAN code from your bank, or from your banks website.

Transaction history

With a moneycorp account you can view your full transaction history and transfer currency bought over the phone via your personal dealer.

Access and send money from anywhere

Whether you are mobile, at home or at work you can access and transfer money from anywhere in the world. Transfer money using the moneycorp website, over the telephone or using the app. Once set-up, adding money to your moneycorp account is quick and simple too.

Travel Money

moneycorp can also provide travel money. International customers can use their money transfer service whereas UK customers can not only make money transfers they can also get a free top-up card called the moneycorp explorer mastercard.