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When transferring money to and from Spain you want to get the best exchange rates and excellent customer service. We explain the best money transfer companies for Spain money transfers to help you choose the best currency exchange for your payments and foreign transactions.

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Currencies Direct - Spain Money Transfers

Currencies Direct exchange rates are competitive and fees are zero for currency transactions and you can transact in over 40 currencies including Euro, Pound, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar and more. You can improve the exchange rate yourself by choosing the best timing of the currency transaction; if you can wait to make a currency exchange you can get the best exchange rate as exchange rates are always fluctuating.

Currencies Direct has the widest Spanish coverage of retail outlets that you can visit to discuss and make international money transfers throughout Spain. You may like to sign-up online before visiting Currencies Direct so that you have an account. You can also make currency transactions online using your online Currencies Direct account. Furthermore you can set-up exchange rate alerts so thay you receive FREE alerts your email or SMS text message when your target exchange rate is reached.

The benefits of Currencies Direct locations in Spain are numerous including somewhere you can visit locally for currency exchange, English and Spanish speakers, arrange payments in person and more. Below is the list of locations where Currencies DIrect has retail outlets you can visit in Spain (they also have other worldwide office locations - read review for full currency exchange locations list):

Currencies Direct is also partnered with Caixa Bank in Spain. The benefit of this to you is if you are selling a property in Spain and you recieve a bankers draft for the amount received most banks charge between 1-2% of the currency amount received for your property to add the bankers draft to your bank account. If you use Currencies Direct for the Currency Exchange the bankers draft can be paid in to Caixa Bank and you will not have to pay a 1-2% bankers fee meaning more money in your bank account.

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moneycorp - Spain Money Transfers

moneycorp offers the widest coverage for world currencies (over 120 currencies) compared with all currency exchange companies. Therefore if Currencies Direct, or another Currency Exchange cannot help due to lesser currency coverage moneycorp probably will be able to transact in the currencies you need to exchange between. moneycorp has one office in Spain that will be able to assist you and you can also transact with other offices worlwide.

moneycorp exchange rates get more competitive the higher the amount of money you are converting. The best rates from moneycorp start when transferring over £2,000 and if you are transferring more than this amount the exchange rates you can get improve as the amount you are converting increases.

moneycorp has currency specialists that you can talk with over the phone to discuss the likely direction of the exchange rate(s). You may like to sign-up for a moneycorp account online before calling.

moneycorp Travel Money

If you live in the UK and travel to or from Spain you can also buy travel money from moneycorp. You can choose between a prepaid top-up card (Mastercard) or have the money paid in to your bank account.

OFX Spain Money Transfers

OFX is one of the only currency exchanges that offer 24/7 telephone Customer Service for its customers. Sign-up for an OFX account for Spain money transfers or to send money worldwide. Alternatively read our OFX review.