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Many businesses sell online as well as having a shop. Other successful businesses only sell online. You can sell online using a website hosted at your chosen domain name or you can sell at online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay.

Choose a Domain Name

When choosing a domain name you have a number of choices but you may be limited by choice given the fact that many domain names will already be taken. If you can find a domain name that is not taken it will cost around £10 per year to keep. If you find your chosen domain name is taken then it may be for sale and prices for Premium Domain Names can be cheap or very expensive depending on a number of factors. Another option is to 'make up a name'. For example 'Google.com', 'Opodo.com', 'asda.com' are all made up names and therefore they will be cheap to buy domain names for. In terms of branding however if you make up a name you may have to advertise extensively to promote your brand compared with using a domain name that sells the products itself such as GPS.com, gardentools.com, etc. A final point is whatever you choose you will want people to remember it so they keep coming back to shop online at your website again.

Hosting your Business Website

Hosting a website costs money. To launch a website hosting is very cheap when you have litter website traffic. As hits to your website increase you may need more RAM and as content increases you may need more storage space which will mean an increase in hosting costs. Furthermore, for selling online at a website you will need SSL secure pages which can cost too.

Website Design

A Website Designer will design a website for you at price. Simple websites will be cheap (£200-1000) whereas if you are selling multiple products, with multiple images and complicating cart systems and may be a Customer Management System (CMS) this can costs alot (£1,000's). You will need to calculate potential profits of selling online and compare it with the cost of setting up a website to establish the best website design to choose.

Social Media

Before you launch a website you could use Social Media such as Facebook and Instagram. These are free to set up and it gives you somewhere to send your customers to see your products and services. Once your website is online you can then link your Facebook to your website to further promote both Social Media and the Online Website.

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Currency Exchange for Selling Online via a Website

Converting money made from international sales at your online business website can be expensive. However, if you use the services of a online currency provider such as moneycorp you can save money on the currency exchange(s). Alternatively we also compare money transfer companies and currency conversion apps. Did you know online providers not only provide better exchange rates but many also offer multicurrency accounts saving you time and money when converting to and from multiple country currencies. If your international business seeks advice on the direction of exchange rates money transfer companies will also assist you with advising when best to transfer money for your business.

Advertise your Website Online

You can advertise using Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more. These online methods of advertising are a great way to attract customers instantly. This may be the only choice you have to begin with because to rank you website for FREE in a search engine can be a money and time consuming process.

Alternatives to selling online at a website

Despite the initial costs, selling online at a website is probably the cheapest option. Selling online at Amazon or eBay are great alternatives. Read more about Amazon or eBay