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When transferring money to and from the United Kingdom you want to get the best exchange rates and excellent customer service. We explain the best money transfer companies for UK money transfers to help you choose the best currency exchange for your payments and foreign currency requirements.

XE - United Kingdom Money Transfers

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XE offices are located in the UK and they charge zero fees on money transfers and is a good choice for sending money to and money from the United Kingdom. Exchange rates are good but they will add a margin to the mid-market rate to make money on the currency exchange. Both personal and business money transfers are available and XE is a good choice for both for UK Pound transactions. You can exchange money to over 60 currencies worldwide.

XE is a very popular choice for money transfers that involve sending money to and from the UK and they are regulated in the UK by the FCA. Plus there are over 35,000 reviews about XE at Trustpilot where 86% rate XE as the top rating for 'excellent' service.

Transferwise - United Kingdom Money Transfers

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For small currency transactions (below £20,000) Transferwise is a good choice because they use the mid-market rate without an added mark-up. However they do charge fees based on the transaction amount which is why for large money transfers you would most likely get a better exchange rate quote from XE.

Transferwise debit Mastercard

Transferwise offer a debit Mastercard that can hold and manage more than 50 currencies all in the one single currency account. The Transferwise Mastercard is accepted anywhere that accepts Mastercard around the world. This Transferwise multi-currency account is very popular with millions of users worldwide. Plus you get your own bank details in British Pounds, Euros, US Dollars, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars and Polish Zloty. Transferwise charges a fee to convert money but the exchange rate is the mid-market rate which is as competitive as you will find (no margin).

moneycorp - United Kingdom Money Transfers

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moneycorp transacts in most currencies (over 120 currencies worldwide) so if XE or Transferwise cannot make the currency exchange moneycorp will likely be able to help you. moneycorp exchange rates get more competitive the higher the amount of money you are converting. The best rates from moneycorp start when transferring over £2,000 and if you are transferring more than this amount the exchange rates you can get improve as the amount you are converting increases.

moneycorp has currency specialists that you can talk with over the phone to discuss the likely direction of the exchange rate(s). You may like to sign-up for a moneycorp account online before calling.

moneycorp Travel Money

If you live in the UK and travel to or from the United Kingdom you can also buy travel money from moneycorp. You can choose between a prepaid top-up card (Mastercard) or have the money paid in to your bank account.

Currencies Direct

Currencies Direct has an office in London, over 16 offices in Spain and many other worldwide offices. Click here to read the review or sign up today.


FairFX provides UK customers with International Money Transfers and Holiday Money. Click here to read the review or sign up today.