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Both XE and moneycorp are popular choices for making international money transfers but which is best? We explain what the benefits are of both money transfer providers and explain which is the best option for sending money abroad.

XE Money Transfer Benefits

With XE you can send money to over 130 countries using over 120 currencies. This worldwide coverage makes them a very popular money transfer choice and there are also zero fees on the currency transfers made. However XE does charge a margin on the currency exchange rate resulting in less competitive rates. Exchange rates improve the higher the currency transaction value and XE is a popular choice for customers sending small, medium and high value currency conversions too. Payments take one to four days to be processed depending on the countries and currencies that you are exchanging money between.

XE focuses on the UK customers however they have many international customers that rate them highly living all over the world. Click here to sign up with XE money transfers today.

moneycorp Money Transfer Benefits

moneycorp has Bank status whereby your money is kept segregated from moneycorp ensuring that your money is safe during the conversion process. The exchange rate will be better than using your bank or local Bureau de Change. Using moneycorp is a very good choice for making large money transfers such as buying a property abroad or emigrating and more. The exchange rate moneycorp provides you with improves with the amount you are converting. For large foreign currency transactions you will find moneycorp is very competitive. Alternatively, for low money transfers they are not as competitive. Click here to sign up with moneycorp today.

moneycorp also offers travel money top-up debit mastercards to UK residents travelling abroad where the rates can be very good. In addition moneycorp has currency exchange services located at Central London and some major UK airports where exchange rates are not as good as if you exchange money using their online service.

Is the best money transfer XE or moneycorp?

For small value money transactions moneycorp offers more including a travel money card for UK residents and low value money transfers for all of it customers. You will probably find that for large money transfers moneycorp also is the best money transfer company to use. For medium value transactions (£50,000 to £100,000) you may like to get quotes from both companies to compare the exchange rates quoted. Click here to sign up with moneycorp money transfers today or get a quote from XE.

moneycorp may be the only option for some countries and currencies

moneycorp transacts in more currencies than XE including some exotic exchange rates so you may find that moneycorp is the only option if transferring less popular (minor or exotic) currencies.

Business customers: XE or moneycorp?

Business currency accounts are managed separately by both XE and moneycorp. You may like to open online accounts with both companies to discover the best for your business. Our general recommendation is that for big businesses and corporate businesses moneycorp will probably provide the best expert advice to you and provide you with the most competitive rates. If you are running a smaller business XE will probably be similar to moneycorp in terms of exchange rates quoted.